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Surface EMG (Muscle Tone and Balance) at Bright Futures Family Chiropractic

EMG scanThe Surface EMG exam evaluates the function of the muscles that support and move your spine. These muscles are controlled by the nerves running within it. This test measures how much energy is needed to maintain your posture and how it is distributed throughout the muscles. If too much energy is used when a spine is out of balance, this test score will be lower than normal. Over time, daily stress can continue to overwork these muscles, causing them to lose their support and mobility. This will also lower the score.

Muscle fatigue and poor energy distribution are signs of a person’s entire health being under stress. By precisely measuring muscle activity, your progress can be followed as your spine releases tension and you regain more control.

Surface EMG Scan

To the right is an initial surface EMG performed on a Bright Futures Family Chiropractic patient and another testing  done on the same patient  15 months into their care with BFFC.  This patient was experiencing severe rib pain, constant hip pain, and several sinus infections. This patient states that she feels better than she has in years! NOW this patient feels strong and hasn’t had a sinus infection in months!

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