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Meet the Team


Ashley Wedding, Patient Empowerment Facilitator


My name is Ashley Wedding, I am Bright Future’s Patient Empowerment Facilitator. I’ve been a practice member for many moons and have such a deep respect for the care that Dr. Stephanie offers to the world. As a woman who has overcome health challenges and heartaches, I can say with full confidence that chiropractic care supported my body through some dark times. This is why I love what I do! I’ve experienced life change in my own body and can’t wait to help someone else experience the same life giving change!

I wear many hats at BFFC! You will meet me during your New Patient Experience as I perform the Insight Scanning technology; I’ll pop in on the tail end of your Report of Findings appointment to review some financial options; I will also always be supporting you through your care with regular scans and reviews. Another fun role I have at Bright Futures is leading all marketing on social media! I love to flex my creativity and share the story of chiropractic, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook!

When I’m not in the office I love to hang with my family and close friends! I love to spend quality time with my people. I also love caring for my ever growing house plants and then jumping on my Peloton bike to start my day! Enough about me… I am excited to meet you!

Natalie Ritchey, Patient Experience Coordinator


My name is Natalie, and I am the Patient Experience Coordinator here at Bright Futures Family Chiropractic! Being the Patient Experience Coordinator is such a personal role to me given that my beginnings here were as a patient myself. I found myself meeting Dr. Stephanie and Ashley for my New Patient appointment in March of 2019, and by February 2020 I was officially part of the Bright Futures Team. I found the relationships I was making with the practice members was so much more than just an office interaction, considering I have the incredible chance to be the New Patient Coordinator within my role. Being able to initially connect on what people are experiencing, working with them to find a schedule that works for their families’ busy lives, and providing them a listening ear on any matters that are pressing to them, are all the special ways I get to support our practice members and I absolutely adore being able to provide in that way. The time spent with them personally and their families is irreplaceable, and I wholeheartedly believe it adds to the quality of care and healing their body goes through. I know it feeds my soul, so I hope it does the same to all our patients! Email me at!