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Meet the Team


Caitlin Huizing

Caitlin Huizing

Caitlin Huizing, Office Coordinator

Office Coordinator/ Marketing Coordinator

Hi I am BFFC’s Office Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator. My Favorite thing about my job is the amazing friendships I have created with the lovely ladies I work with. We love serving our patients together as an EPIC team! We all have big hearts for our awesome patients especially the kiddos in our office. It’s not an unusual sight for you to see me walking around the office holding a sweet baby or sitting behind my desk with a curious toddler helping me while mom is getting adjusted. I have a sweet spot for all the babes in our office, as I was a nanny previously and am a proud aunt of 6!

I never had chiropractic care before I started here in June 2015, I was so grateful to find Dr. Stephanie! She has changed my life, my only complaint is that I didn’t find her earlier in life! I have never been healthier in my life than I am now. In the past I would get several colds a year and have them for over a weeks’ time, now I have had two since being under care and they only lasted a few days.

Dr. Stephanie’s powerful adjustments boost my immune system and help me live my life to its full potential. Since being under care I have cleaned out my entire medicine cabinet and made so many positive lifestyle changes, I am now shining bright!

Ashley Wedding

Patient Advocate


Ashley Wedding, Patient Advocate

I am excited to be Bright Futures Patient Advocate! One of the best aspects of my job is using our Insight scanning equipment to check our patient’s nervous systems. This technology helps us identify how patients can live a vibrant life through a fully functioning nervous system!

I enjoy the check-in process because it helps me get to know our patients on a more personal level and helping to find the best way to reach their goals. I especially love holding those sweet babies and playing with the precious little ones while mom or dad get their adjustment.

Sometimes you will notice I am not at the office; during those times I am with the three brightest stars at BFFC; Lucy, Claire, and Vince Spiers. I have the great honor to spend time with them while their mommy is in the office helping serve patients!

I count myself blessed to work with and around so many people who encourage me to live a healthy lifestyle and to be the best version of me.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!